Make telephone calls using ipDTL

I’ve been a user and fan of ipDTL from In:Quality since it first became available. It’s a simple, cost effective and reliable alternative to ISDN allowing users to connect to each other using just a microphone, headphones and the Google … Continued

HOW TO: Record ipDTL (And iTunes, Youtube etc) on a Mac

In this article I’ll explain how to setup your Mac in a way that allows you to record your ipDTL voice sessions into both Pro Tools & Adobe Audition. By following this step-by-step guide you’ll also be able to record audio from … Continued

Could ipDTL spell the end of ISDN?

As a voiceover talent who’s relatively new to the business one of the biggest issues I’ve been wrestling with is whether or not to invest in ISDN. I’ve been a professional voiceover for five years with my own home studio … Continued