We regularly voice scripts for advertising campaigns, business systems and corporate videos. We're happy to help with each stage of your project from script writing and choosing an appropriate voice style to producing your finished audio. Rory can be directed live in our studio via ipDTL, skype or phone.
Promos & Narration
Being able to read a script is one thing, but being able to narrate text in a way that will grab and keep a listeners attention is an art. We think we're pretty good at it so why not listen to Rory's promos & narration demo.
Production & Imaging
We love producing great audio. Does your radio stations imaging package need freshening up? Perhaps your podcast or radio show could do with some new drops, sweepers or jingles? Maybe you'd like your DJ set to stand out from the crowd with the addition of an impressive performance intro?
Characters & Impressions
Rory's constantly expanding repertoire of impressions and character voices includes celebrities, sports people, TV and Radio presenters, politicians and many well known fictional characters. Rory can also convincingly mimic a wide variety of accents.
Voicemail & On Hold
Whether you’re looking for a one-off professional voicemail greeting for your work phone or a complete package of on hold and IVR prompts for a business phone system we can help. If you’re looking for something a little more fun, why not have a celebrity voice answer your missed calls?