Movie trailer voice for BBC Radio 1

I’m very excited to say I’ve finally managed to get myself on BBC Radio 1!

On Friday 20th March 2015 I was contacted by one of the producers from Radio 1 Newsbeat and asked if I would record a voiceover for the evening programme.

Former England cricket captain Michael Vaughn had earlier in the day likened a story about Kevin Pietersen hoping to return to the England team as being ‘like a Hollywood movie’. The Newsbeat team wanted to make a spoof movie trailer as a different way of covering the story and they asked me to provide a voiceover.

They emailed me a script at around 3pm and I went straight into my home studio booth to record it. By 3:30pm I’d recorded 3 different takes and emailed them over to the production team who are based in the BBC’s Broadcasting House in central London.

Only a few hours later, just before 5pm, the trailer hit the airwaves…

If you would like what me to record a voiceover for you, drop me a line via the contact page.