Make telephone calls using ipDTL

I’ve been a user and fan of ipDTL from In:Quality since it first became available. It’s a simple, cost effective and reliable alternative to ISDN allowing users to connect to each other using just a microphone, headphones and the Google Chrome browser.

If you haven’t tried the service yet, you can find out more and sign up for an account here.

Anyway, that’s all well and good but you’re here to find out more about the latest possible addition to the arsenal of ipDTL services so here we go…

This is the ability to call telephone numbers from the ipDTL browser page. This will come as welcome news for voiceovers who like to do directed sessions via telephone or producers who wish to record a telephone interview without going to a studio.

Before I explain anymore, let’s have a listen to what it sounds like…

The new telephone calling option is only in the test phase at the moment and is not currently available to the general public. However I have it on good authority that if there is enough demand for the service It could be brought online in the not-too-distant future. As it’s currently only avaialble to a few designated test users like myself you won’t see this when you log in to your account, but here’s what it looks like on my system.


This is the bit we are particularly interested in. There’s not a lot to it really – you just type the number you wish to call into the little box. However, you must add the correct dialling code, so for the UK the number will be +44 then the telephone number without the first ‘0’.

Therefore, a London number for instance would be +442071234567.


Just hit the green telephone icon to the right of the number window and the green ‘ready’ bar above will turn red and a bell icon will jiggle until the person you are ringing answers the call.

It’s nice and simple and works with both mobile numbers and land lines. I recorded the audio demo for this post into 2 separate pro tools tracks on my iMac. Track 1 was me in my studio and track 2 was Andy on his mobile phone connected into ipDTL. If you’re intersted in learning how to rig your Mac in a similar way, you’ll find my guide on how to set this up here.


In:Quality have told me that if there is enough interest in the service they will look at rolling it out across the board so I’d be very interested to know if you think this is something you would find useful. How would you be likely to use it? What are you using at the moment to record telephone interviews or carry out directed voice sessions?

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