Apple iMac
The production and editing hub. Featuring a 27" widescreen display and the latest processors this machine lets us work fast and efficiently.
Avid Mbox Mini
A pro audio interface from Avid. Best-in-class sound quality and performance with professional-grade circuitry and premium audio conversion.
Rode NT2a Microphone
A highly rated condenser microphone with switchable pickup patterns, a 10db pad and low frequency roll off switch adorns our voice booth.
TL Audio Processor
Ivory series pre-amp. This valve processor adds warmth and body to Rory's voice and is a great intermediary between microphone and computer.
Avid Pro Tools
Pro Tools is an industry-standard digital audio workstation. Between this and Adobe Audition we have access to every production tool we need.
Adobe Audition
This powerful sound editing program is designed to accelerate audio and video production workflows and deliver the highest standards for audio quality.
RCF Studio Monitors
A combination of Beyerdynamic headphones and a pair of these active studio monitors from RCF help us to make the right decisions in the edit.
ipDTL for directed sessions
A cost effective, high quality and reliable web based alternative to ISDN. Connect with Rory in super high quality to direct a live voiceover session.