Video: Ed Miliband Impression

I’m always trying to ‘do’ new impressions.

Some voices come quite easily to me, others take a lot more work. I never feel like I’ve got a voice completely right, and I’m always trying to spot ways to improve my impressions.

Unfortunately for my family, friends and work colleagues, there are no short cuts to getting an impression to sound right. It’s simply down to practice, practice and more practice.

The Labour leader has quite a distinctive nasally quality to his voice and some odd mannerisms, which gave me a starting point for my impression…

I hope you’ll forgive the poor video and sound quality. I didn’t plan to record this and just decided on the spur of the moment to have a go at making a video. The only device that was charged up was ironically my iphone.

If you fancy an impression for any reason, please do drop me a line via the contact page.