Sweepers, IDs, drops, shotguns, ramps, liners, promos, stings, stabs, intros… the list goes on. I have to confess I am a fan of great imaging. I believe that an exciting, well produced production package can really enhance a radio show … Continued

I recently had a lot of fun recording a voiceover for the mens clothing & fashion brand, Jacamo. They wanted to create an advert to market a new product for the modern man called Cheans. Having discovered the wantavoice website, the … Continued

I’m very excited to say I’ve finally managed to get myself on BBC Radio 1! On Friday 20th March 2015 I was contacted by one of the producers from Radio 1 Newsbeat and asked if I would record a voiceover … Continued

I’m always trying to ‘do’ new impressions. Some voices come quite easily to me, others take a lot more work. I never feel like I’ve got a voice completely right, and I’m always trying to spot ways to improve my … Continued

We’ve added a brand new voiceover shop to this website! At Wantavoice we’re all about making the process of getting the perfect voiceover as quick and simple as possible. You can now purchase a range of our most popular products anytime you like with … Continued

I’ve been a user and fan of ipDTL from In:Quality since it first became available. It’s a simple, cost effective and reliable alternative to ISDN allowing users to connect to each other using just a microphone, headphones and the Google … Continued

Here’s a short film showing my at work recording voiceovers in my home studio. I though it would be cool to show you what I get up to in my booth…     Since recording this video I’ve upgraded much … Continued

Like many voiceover professionals I don’t rely entirely on this job for my income. In addition to recording and producing audio in my home studio I present a number of radio shows for commercial stations and the BBC as well … Continued

In this article I’ll explain how to setup your Mac in a way that allows you to record your ipDTL voice sessions into both Pro Tools & Adobe Audition. By following this step-by-step guide you’ll also be able to record audio from … Continued

I’ve been doing impressions, accents and silly voices since I was a boy. I remember when Dead Ringers started on Radio 4 – the whole family would gather round a radio listening intently to all the politicians and celebrities being … Continued